Diamond ERP
Introducing, Diamond ERP.
We're changing the way you'll think about stock & inventory management. We've got the experience & the solutions to help you grow.
Excellent data representation.
Availability of information from different vantages allows you to track your stock with real-time and instant notifications. Diamond ERP let your clients go through your inventory.
Trade from anywhere, and everywhere.
With Diamond ERP, business operations are now on your fingertips. It let you manage your Stock, Sales, Purchase, Memos from any corner of the world. Auto-manage dual currencies with easy and detailed accounting management.
We never let you miss important things.
Diamond ERP provide you detailed reports in your desired format for each department. Restrict users to access your private data. It updates rates based on RAP NET directly to your stock and you can get your Account ledgers, outstanding reports and financial reports in an instant.